Advanced Carbonate Workshop 2-4th December 2019: Non-marine carbonate systems

This workshop is aimed at geoscientists working in non-marine carbonate systems such as lacustrine, karst and other terrestrial carbonate facies that form parts of complex reservoirs. Petroleum systems in the Brazil pre-salt and other lacustrine systems are described focusing on the complex diagenetic and depositional controls of lacustrine carbonate reservoirs. The sequence stratigraphic context of karst systems is the key to understanding their geometry and reservoir architecture; case histories of different karst reservoirs, their controls and porosity evolution will be presented. The contribution of aeolian and conglomeratic carbonates to reservoir behaviour will also be reviewed.


Location: Cambridge Carbonates Ltd. offices in Solihull

£ 2,250-00 per person, per course; discounted rates for clients making multiple bookings.

For further details contact Peter Gutteridge