Advanced Carbonate Workshop 25-27th November 2019: Mexican petroleum systems

This workshop is aimed at geoscientists exploring for the large untapped potential of Mexican Jurassic and Cretaceous carbonate reservoirs and source rocks. The significance of recent discoveries is also reviewed.

The main Mesozoic play types including Jurassic clastic and carbonate reservoirs, Cretaceous carbonate breccia reservoirs, fractured basinal Cretaceous carbonates, attached Mesozoic platforms and breccia systems associated with Laramide uplift and salt movement are described. The importance of syn- and post-depositional movement of the Callovian salt is emphasised throughout. The importance of diagenetic processes in creation of reservoir quality, such as dolomitisation is discussed.

Location: Cambridge Carbonates Ltd. offices in Solihull

£ 2,250-00 per person, per course; discounted rates for clients making multiple bookings.

For further details contact Peter Gutteridge