Expert Reports

As well as providing bespoke services to our clients, we also have a number of new non-proprietary reports available for purchase. For further details on costing etc., please contact the author of the report. Click on the report title for further information.

Sedimentological study of late Palaeozoic clastic and carbonate core 7120-12-4, SW Barents Shelf

This study is based on the three cored intervals from the Ugle, Røye and Ørret Formations supported by detailed microfacies and diagenetic descriptions and interpretations from thin sections. Depositional, diagenetic and pore types were quantified by point counting. A suite of photomicrographs and scanned thin sections are also included.

  • Detailed descriptions of core facies and microfacies interpretations of depositional environment and high resolution sequence stratigraphy.
  • Detailed descriptions of diagenesis, reservoir quality and porosity.
  • Fluvial setting of Ugle Formation.
  • Bioclastic and spiculitic carbonate ramp setting of Røye Formation.
  • High energy marine siliciclastic sand body represented by the Ørret Formation.
  • Note on Sr isotope stratigraphy of the Røye and Ørret Formations.
  • Cores are presented in CoreCAD and PDF format, together with digital core data on Excel spreadsheets.
  • Quantitative petrographic data on excel spread sheets.
  • A core workshop held at the NPD in Stavanger can be arranged at additional cost.

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