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Adriatic Report 1 sample

Adriatic Report 2 sample

Review and Insights into Carbonate Plays of the

A comprehensive multiclient report evaluating the existing and future hydrocarbon potential of carbonate systems of the circum-Adriatic region, one of the most important geological provinces of the Mediterranean for the production and storage of hydrocarbons.

The report presents an up-to-date review and provides valuable insights into seven key carbonate plays of the circum-Adriatic area, with a strong focus on exploration-related issues. Emphasis is placed on the main carbonate reservoirs and their potential on a regional basis, so as to provide a framework for exploration. This comprehensive report is organised into two volumes and has an associated GIS project of relevant map figures.

Volume 1

(268 pages)

  • An introduction to the geology of the circum-Adriatic (plate evolution and palaeogeographic evolution within a regional context).
  • Petroleum systems of each country, with source rocks and migration, carbonate reservoirs and plays, seals and traps all discussed.
  • A discussion on the future potential of that country, including underexplored plays.
  • Worldwide analogues of the key reservoir types in the Adriatic, including comprehensive sections on analogues for resedimented slope carbonates, karstified carbonates, fractured carbonate reservoirs, carbonate alluvial fans and Paleogene bank carbonates.

Volume 2

(111 pages)

A microfacies atlas: 420 thin-section photomicrographs, highlighting the range of microfacies exhibited on the shallow-water Apulian and Gavrovo platforms, and also from the deeper pelagic basins (from outcrop and subsurface locations in Greece and Italy).

GIS Project

GIS shaped files for selected figures and maps.

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