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Southeast Asian carbonate systems and reservoir development: an up-to-date synthesis

This is a comprehensive multiclient report reviewing the existing and future hydrocarbon potential in Cenozoic carbonate systems of SE Asia. The report presents an up-to-date appraisal of the sedimentological and sequence stratigraphy of Cenozoic carbonate reservoirs in light of recent research in SE Asia and on evolving concepts of carbonate sedimentology in general.

This is an associated GIS project. The GIS project contains georeferenced map figures and also a geodatabase of reservoir parameters.

The report includes a review of Cenozoic carbonate systems, high resolution sequence stratigraphy, diagenesis of Cenozoic carbonates, origin and prediction of sub-surface CO2, distinguishing volcanic structures from carbonate build-ups, and trends in reservoir porosity and permeability.

The detailed basin reviews are the main focus of the report. For each basin the report discusses the Cenozoic carbonate reservoirs, including the main controls on reservoir quality with the depositional facies, sequence stratigraphic context, diagenesis, porosity-permeability properties and seismic expression being illustrated. The future potential of the basins are also discussed, including any additional plays, the key uncertainties and any new concepts or methodologies that may lead to making further discoveries or adding reserves to existing fields. And finally a dataset of reservoir properties and other parameters from fields in each area is provided.

Report Sample

The areas of interest are:

  • North and South Sumatra and adjacent offshore areas.
  • Java and adjacent offshore areas. Including a separate chapter on the new finds in Pliocene carbonate contourites.
  • Offshore south and east Vietnam and the South China Sea.
  • Offshore Sarawak, Philippines and Natuna Seas.
  • East Kalimantan, Sulawesi and adjacent offshore areas.
  • West Papua and Papua New Guinea.

This report can purchased as a whole or by individual chapter, module or basin.

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