Cyprus Field Course

3 to 5 day field course discussing the Cenozoic sedimentary systems of onshore Cyprus.

  • To provide a general understanding of the Cenozoic depositional systems in Cyprus (with particular emphasis on the Miocene to Pleistocene sedimentary systems).
  • Introduce potential analogues for the offshore Levantine and Cyprus basin reservoirs, source rocks and cap rocks.
  • Discuss tectonic, climatic and eustatic influences on the depositional architecture of the sediments.

Cyprus lies within the Levantine Basin, to the north of the active Cyprus supra-subduction zone, where the present day boundary between the converging African and Eurasian plate is found. The island has a history of tectonic uplift, exemplified by the presence of the oceanic crustal sequence of the Troodos Massif (highest point denoted by Mt. Olympus, 1951 metres above present sea level). Although a strong tectonic history is evident, a significant climatic signature can be identified in the cyclically deposited sediments of the ‘forearc’ succession.

The Eastern Mediterranean and the Levantine Basin have recently become areas of considerable interest for the oil and gas sector. Deep water, sub-salt gas finds offshore Israel have provoked numerous plans for investigation of the unexplored adjacent basins. The proximity of these unchartered basins to proven offshore hydrocarbon provinces in the Nile Delta and Israel suggests the prospects of finding producing reservoirs are promising.

It has been predicted that there are 14 main hydrocarbon plays offshore Cyprus. This field trip will attempt to provide exposed onshore analogues for a number of these plays (some examples may not be time equivalent). In addition we will discuss the sedimentary sequences which formed under the combined influence of glacioeustacy, tectonism and climate.

This field trip can be run over three to five days depending on the clients’ requirements. Clients could use this trip for:

  • Team building
  • Study of asset-related analogues
  • Foreign secondees
  • General geological training

Please contact for further details.

cyprus field-course
cyprus field-course