Expert Reports

As well as providing bespoke services to our clients, we also have a number of new non-proprietary reports available for purchase. For further details on costing etc., please contact the author of the report. Click on the report title for further information.

7128-4-1 Sample

7128-6-1 Vol 1 Sample

7229-11-1 Vol 1 Sample

Sedimentological studies of three key Late Palaeozoic wells in the Finnmark Platform

Reports consist of:

  • Detailed descriptions of core facies and microfacies, interpretations of depositional environments and high resolution sequence stratigraphy
  • Detailed descriptions of diagenesis, reservoir quality and controls on porosity and permeability; origin of dolomite bodies.
  • Description of late Palaeozoic bioherms including Palaeoaplysina, phylloid and bryozoan mud mounds.
  • Late Permian spiculite depositional setting and diagenesis
  • Microfacies atlas illustrating microfacies and pore types.
Barents Sea Sedimentary study

These reports are based on lengthy continuous cored intervals from wells 7128/6-1, 7128/4-1 and 7229/11-1 supported by detailed microfacies interpretations of thin sections from core and SWCs from uncored intervals. The three reports and microfacies atlas can be purchased separately or as a package.

Barents Sea Sedimentary study

Data package includes:

  • Cores are presented in CoreCAD and PDF format, together with digital core data on Excel spread sheets.
  • Quantitative petrographic data on excel spreadsheets.
  • Microfacies Atlas with 680 digital images from core and SWCs from all three wells; individual images available as separate high, screen and print resolution jpegs.

Core workshop:

  • A core workshop held at the NPD can be arranged at additional cost.

Microfacies Atlas of Finnmark Platform wells: 7128/6-1, 7128/4-1 and 7229/11-1

  • 680 digital microfacies images taken from core and SWC from three key Late Palaeozoic wells.
  • Detailed descriptions of pore types and depositional settings.
  • Individual high, print and screen resolution images available on DVD.

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