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As well as providing bespoke services to our clients, we also have a number of new non-proprietary reports available for purchase. For further details on costing etc., please contact the author of the report. Click on the report title for further information.

Evaluation of the Area around Jambur & Pulkhana in NE Iraq

A report on the petroleum geology of the area around Jambur and Pulkhana. Interpretation based upon detailed synthesis of published work.

The report provides an overview of the area incorporating Pulkhana, Jambur, Shakal, Kor Mor, Qumar, Sarqala and Gilabat fields that will be useful for explorationists and in addition, comprehensively presents publicly available data on fields and discoveries for purposes of field evaluation.

  • Assessment of 7 fields;
  • 278 pages;
  • 57 palaeogeography maps;
  • 5 play fairway maps.

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Petroleum geology of the area around Jambur and Pulkhana.

Report Sample