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As well as providing bespoke services to our clients, we also have a number of new non-proprietary reports available for purchase. For further details on costing etc., please contact the author of the report. Click on the report title for further information.

Palaeogeography maps of the Greater UAE area

In preparation for the upcoming Second Abu Dhabi Bid Block Round (bid submissions due November 2019), Cambridge Carbonates Ltd are collating a set of palaeogeography maps for the Greater UAE Area.

The palaeogeography maps are based on published data and more than 30 years experience in the Middle East and are produced within the Sharland et al. (2001, 2004) stratigraphic framework, with a map at each 3rd order systems tract level. Focus is on the Permian, Jurassic and Cretaceous stratigraphic intervals.

The Cambridge Carbonates Ltd database of palaeogeography maps can assist with the evaluation of bid acreage and allow detailed assessment of reservoir – seal – source combinations.

The full set of maps is available, or a “bespoke” set could be tailored to a client’s needs and  include key maps for the reservoir, source and seal intervals.

CCL Late Aptian (HST to K80 MFS) Palaeogeography Map of the Greater UAE Area

Contact Jo Garland for more information.

Bid Blocks for 2019 Exploration Round.