Expert Reports

As well as providing bespoke services to our clients, we also have a number of new non-proprietary reports available for purchase. For further details on costing etc., please contact the author of the report. Click on the report title for further information.

Sedimentological studies of karsted late Palaeozoic sediments; wells 7120/2-1, 7120/1-3 and 7220/11-3 Loppa High, Barents Sea

These reports present detailed sedimentological descriptions of karsted late Palaeozoic carbonate and spiculitic facies of the Falk, Ørn and Røye Formations based on core from the released Loppa High wells 7120/2-1, 7120/1-3 and 7220/11-3.

They are presented as 1 : 50 scale core logs as PDF and supported by microfacies and diagenetic information from thin sections.

The main topics addressed are:

  • Recognition of cave floor, fill and collapse breccia facies and the implications for reservoir properties, layering and architecture of karst systems.
  • Contrasting expression of karst in Falk, Ørn and Røye Formations and the implications for reservoir layers and quality.
  • Diagenesis of carbonate and siliceous facies in karst systems and the probable nature and origin of the diagenetic fluids.
  • Depositional environments, microfacies, provenance of sub-Triassic conglomeratic carbonates.

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