Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs Flyer

Cambridge Carbonates Ltd have considerable experience of working in Mexico and on Mexican subsurface data, having studied the area since the early 1990’s. Our experience is primarily in the SE of Mexico (offshore and onshore) and Tampico-Misantla areas, looking at both Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate plays. We have presented at international conferences, and also published in the AAPG (Tectonic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western Margin of the Gulf of Mexico in the Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic: Less Passive Than Previously Imagined’, AAPG Memoir 79, 2003).

Our regional expertise enables us to offer bespoke services to clients, including reviews of existing plays, development of new play concepts, aiding seismic interpretation, core logging, petrographic and diagenetic services. For further information, please contact Andrew Horbury.

Summary of our experience in this region

Image analysis techniques in fractured and karstified carbonates