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The Middle East has been the key area of interest for Cambridge Carbonates, dating back to the early 1990’s. We have undertaken numerous exploration, regional, fieldwork and reservoir characterisation projects, with particular focus in the Iraq (including Kurdistan), Iran, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Syria and other countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean. Cambridge Carbonates were also a key contributor to the seminal “Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy” Sharland et al. (2001) book, as well as the 2010 “Petroleum Geology of Iraq” book. Our considerable experience in this area has enabled us to develop an impressive in-house database, with which we have produced several MULTICLIENT PRODUCTS. These include area reports, such as Northern Iraq for example, but also REGIONAL PALAEOGEOGRAPHY MAPSETS. The palaeogeography mapsets are developed within an updated Sharland et al. (2001) sequence stratigraphic framework, with a map at each 3rd order systems tract level. Please download attached flyers for further information on how to purchase these reports and mapsets.