Expertise in carbonate and evaporite systems

Expertise in carbonate and evaporite systems

In exploration projects we contribute to prospect analysis by re-interpreting diverse (and often old) data, we can recommend appropriate outcrop or sub-surface analogues and integrate many data types to produce play maps.

In production settings we help with well targeting and planning and can suggest programmes of data gathering from wells. We are familiar with use and application of advanced techniques such as fluid inclusions, isotopes and image analysis of pore systems and can recommend the best way to use them to understand your reservoir.

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Cambridge Carbonates Ltd. was established in 1993 and has more than 120 man years’ experience in the evaluation of carbonate reservoirs worldwide. We offer interpretation of proprietary data as well as broader consulting services to our clients. Our aim is to solve your problems, rather than just to do consultancy work.

• Regional studies: Andy Horbury:

• Exploration Studies: Pete Gutteridge:

• Reservoir Characterisation Studies: Jo Garland