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Palaeogeographic Maps of Iraq

Extensive palaeogeography database for the country of Iraq. Consisting of maps from the Precambrian to Recent, based on the sequence stratigraphic framework of Sharland et al. (2001, 2004).

92 sequences are defined, with a map for each of highstand, transgressive, lowstand and maximum flood systems tracts.

Cambridge Carbonate palaeogeographic maps covering Northern Arabia have been developed over the last 25 years.

Maps cover the whole of the Phanerozoic using data derived and collated from publicly available sources. In particular, the experience of co-producing the book "Petroleum Geology of Iraq" in 2010 led to acquisition of significant new or obscure data that has now been integrated into these maps.

Facies polygons that are found in the palaeogeographic maps are available as a GIS database that has been developed in ArcGIS.

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Paleogeography maps for Iraq