Petrographic Services

Applications of petrographic studies

  • Microfacies and diagenetic observations in support of core description
  • Microfacies analysis and porosity characterization from cuttings samples in uncored parts of wells
  • Predictive diagenesis and porosity preservation
  • Fluid inclusion and isotopic studies linking porosity evolution to burial history and petroleum migration
  • Strontium isotope stratigraphy – dating carbonates with limited fauna
  • Quantitative porosity characterisation for static modelling and reservoir rock typing
  • Matching rock types and pore systems to log response
  • Quantitative petrography to calibrate petrophysical models

We use Nikon polarising microscopes with a pixel link camera for petrographic imaging and a dedicated low light camera for CL imaging. We also use a high resolution ppl and polarised light scanner for thin sections. Quantitative petrographic and image analysis data (compatible with Touchstone) is collected and processed using Petrog and Image ProPlus software.