Petrographic Services

Applications of petrographic studies

  • Digital imaging of thin sections and pore systems
  • Microfacies and porosity data in support of core descriptions.
  • Microfacies analysis and porosity information from cuttings samples for facies and sequence stratigraphic interpretation of uncored wells.
  • Paragenetic sequences using cathodoluminescence.
  • Rock typing for reservoir modelling.
  • Matching rock types and pore systems to wireline log response and calibration of petrophysical models.

We use Nikon polarising microscopes with PixeLINK camera for petrographic imaging and a dedicated low light camera for CL imaging. We also produce high resolution ppl and polarised light scanned thin section images in-house. Image analysis and quantitative petrographic data (compatible with Touchstone) may also be collected using Petrog and Image ProPlus software.