Andy Horbury

  • Director and co-founder of the company with Peter Gutteridge.  Lead geologist responsible for multiclient work in Mexico and Northern Arabia (Iraq, Syria, Jordan).
  • Broad production, development and exploration experience
  • Manipulation of dynamic and static data
  • Sequence stratigraphy from logs and seismic
  • Expertise in petrography, geochemistry, diagenesis, karstic and tectonic fractured reservoir systems
  • Extensive experience of working with poor quality datasets
  • Integration of specialist work with petroleum geology

The Team

Peter Gutteridge

  • Director and Co-founder of the company.
  • Responsible for carbonate studies mainly applied to exploration programs involving sequence stratigraphy, core logging, microfacies and diagenetic studies and external training.
  • Experience in software includes Petrel, CoreCAD and Petrog.
  • Carbonate exploration experience covers the whole range of Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary carbonate systems using thin section, core, wireline log, outcrop, to seismic-scale data. These studies have been aimed at assessing new venture opportunities, the assessment of acreage using outcrop and sub-surface data and the study of outcrops as play analogues to analyse different elements of geological risk in play types.

Joanna Garland

Director and carbonate specialist:

  • Carbonate and siliciclastic sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy expertise
  • Experienced in carbonate diagenesis
  • Seismic recognition of carbonates
  • Project management skills.
  • Statistical analysis of large porosity and permeability datasets.
  • Experience with prospect evaluation and risk analysis through data-room and farm-in evaluations.

Benoit Vincent

  • Consultant geologist working on proprietary and non-proprietary projects, based in France.
  • Carbonate sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and Carbonate Diagenesis expertise.
  • Wide experience in carbonate petrophysics, siliciclastic sedimentology and diagenesis.
  • Analysis of MICP and lab NMR datasets in carbonates; Analysis of NMR wireline log data.
  • Experience with structural analysis, and carbonate geochemistry.

Francis Witkowski

  • Geologist and image analysis specialist, working on porosity systems and diagenesis. Runs the company cathodoluminescence (CL).
  • Analysis and digitising systems as well as routine geological investigation.
  • Key experience in Image Analysis of reservoir rocks using CL and SEM/BSEM.
  • Expertise in petrography, geochemistry, porosity and diagenesis.
  • Integration of specialist IA/Fluid Inclusion/Element Mapping with petroleum geology.
  • Knowledge of reservoir porosity systems in Brazil, Middle East, NW+S Europe, Mexico, North Sea, Former Soviet Union, Africa, N. America & Far East.

Julie Dewit

  • Consultant geologist, working on proprietary and multi-client projects.

Sarah Thompson

  • Carbonate sedimentologist, working on proprietary and multi-client projects
  • Experience in microfacies analysis through thin section observations and point counting
  • Experience in thin-section biostratigraphy
  • ArcGIS, Petrel, CoreCAD and Petrog software user.

Simon Higgins

  • Consultant geologist working on industry research projects.
  • Responsible for Basin analysis in Rift-to-drift Conjugate Margins project: investigating the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the North Atlantic Conjugate Margins (East Coast Canada, UK/Ireland, Iberia).
  • Research into rift-to-drift margin evolution theory and developing regional exploration workflows. Focus on basin analysis integration in conjugate margin studies.
  • Experience in varied disciplines such as plate tectonics, dynamic topography, subsidence analysis, source-to-sink, palaeo-drainage and heatflow modeling.

Julia Morgan

  • Assistant geologist working with the directors on proprietary and multi-client projects.
  • Experience of clastic sedimentological, petrographic and diagenetic studies mainly from North Sea reservoirs of Permian and Jurassic age. Understanding of Rotliegend aeolian reservoirs supported by field trip to the Namib desert.

Marianna Thomas

  • Company administrator
  • Background in Geology.
  • Responsible for office maintenance and day to day enquiries.